Henry A. Grant

IT Design, Management, Direction


I have a broad range of interests with a passion for creating, designing, building and fixing just about anything. Navigation, piloting, hunting, fishing and skiing are high on my list.

Flying - In 1996 I learned to fly and received my pilot license. I was a 1/4 owner in a Piper Cherokee Six PA32-260. This plane is a true six passenger heavy hauler, also known as the flying pickup truck. Instrument training was a major part of my flying. Our CFI was a master flight instructor - one of only 12 in NY. I completed my pre-check ride but on St Patty's day 2006 sold the plane, with two sons in college - something had to go.

Ham Radio - If it has lots of knobs and dials - its for me. I received my first ham radio license in high school. I still remain active on the HF bands. CW (Morse code) is my favorite mode though I do enjoy phone (SSB and AM) particularly when one of my sons stops by the "shack" to enjoy a foreign DX contact. 

Boat Building - As a youngster I made model sailboats from scraps of wood, metal, old sheets. As an adult one of my first boat building projects was to design and build a Norwegian sailing pram. I constructed the boat using the wood epoxy saturation technique (WEST) system. I first had to loft my plans full size then build a ribbed mold.  I used 1/10 inch Philippine mahogany veneer and teak. I have sailed this boat in the NY Adirondack mountain lakes, the Bay of Fundy and various bays along the Maine coast. I am currently designing a 25 foot sloop.

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